COVID Information Commons

The COVID Information Commons is an open resource to explore NSF-funded research addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.


The CIC serves as a resource for researchers, students and decision-makers from academia, government, not-for-profits and industry to identify collaboration opportunities, to leverage each other’s research findings, and to accelerate the most promising research to mitigate the broad societal impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The COVID Information Commons is funded by an NSF COVID RAPID Award #2028999, developed as a collaborative proposal led by the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub hosted by Columbia University, in collaboration with the Midwest Big Data Innovation Hub, South Big Data Innovation Hub, and West Big Data Innovation Hub. The initial focus of the CIC website is on NSF-funded COVID Rapid Response Research (RAPID) projects.


We are a community of researchers, faculty, students and others engaged with research related to COVID-19. The CIC convenes this community to support knowledge sharing and collaboration that addresses the broad societal impacts of the pandemic.


The platform has evolved beyond a simple source of information to a community. We are holding a series of webinars from July 2020 and continuing into 2021, providing an overview of the platform and presentations from 40+ researchers, highlighting their work to date and collaboration opportunities. In Octobr 2020, we launched a new, searchable database at, built on survey responses from our scientific community, that provide detailed information and links relating to their research and opportunities for research collaboration. Other researchers can use this database to identify potential collaborators, resources, and other information relevant to their own pandemic research, strengthening our collective response to COVID-19.

As described by one researcher: “Your site, and the ability to come together, is marvelous. Our students and faculty and others… will be able to find these collaborative opportunities, and people will be able to use your site as a proper, safe, and accurate information source. I thank you for bringing us all together.”

Our Initiatives

Launched by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2015 we engage communities, share resources, and build partnerships that harness the data revolution to address societal and scientific challenges.

Metro/Urban Data Science

Precision Medicine

Natural Resources & Hazards 

Big Data Technology

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Digital Agriculture

Smart, Connected, and Resilient Communities

Water Quality

Big Data in Health

Health and Disparities

Smart Cities and Communities

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Environment and Coastal Hazards

Social Cybersecurity


Education + Data Literacy

Urban to Rural Communities

Responsible Data Science: Security + Privacy Ethics

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