Data Sharing & Cyberinfrastructure Working Group

The quantity of data available for research continues to grow exponentially. Investments are being made in academia, industry, government and not-for-profits to efficiently connect computers, laboratories, data, and people for research and application. Too many of these efforts occur in isolation, creating missed opportunities for collaboration and potential gaps in tools and capabilities to accelerate innovation.

The Data Sharing and Cyberinfrastructure Working Group is a collaboration across all four of the Big Data Innovation Hubs, created to share research, provide linkages between research silos, and welcome new entrants in the national cyberinfrastructure (CI) space.


Each month, the working group brings together data scientists and cyberinfrastructure professionals to learn about topics of common interest.

Areas covered include data management and analytics tools and frameworks, and the use of data science to solve real-world problems in areas such as transportation, water quality, public health, and disaster response. 

Specific Goals

The specific goals for the Working Group are:

  • Increasing awareness and availability of CI and (big) data innovations for the national community, by catalyzing the people and initiatives that the working group represents.
  • Helping to identify gaps in CI, capabilities, and data sources to foster further improvement in the national data research infrastructure, content, and capabilities.
  • Recruiting and educating new communities, service providers, and data resources to expand the impact of the national data research infrastructure through pairing with other researchers or funding opportunities.


Chair: Niall Gaffney,, South Big Data Hub
Co-chair: Christine Kirkpatrick,, West Hub
Co-chair: John Goodhue,, Northeast Big Data Hub
Co-chair: James Wilgenbusch,, Midwest Big Data Hub

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Our Initiatives

Launched by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2015 we engage communities, share resources, and build partnerships that harness the data revolution to address societal and scientific challenges.

Metro/Urban Data Science

Precision Medicine

Natural Resources & Hazards 

Big Data Technology

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Digital Agriculture

Smart, Connected, and Resilient Communities

Water Quality

Big Data in Health

Health and Disparities

Smart Cities and Communities

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Environment and Coastal Hazards

Social Cybersecurity


Education + Data Literacy

Urban to Rural Communities

Responsible Data Science: Security + Privacy Ethics

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