Social Cybersecurity Working Group

Social media and digital communication tools have largely been considered as positive vehicles of change. However, state/non-state actors, extremists, and terrorists have quite effectively harnessed modern communication platforms to influence mass thinking, manipulate discourse and fabricate perceptions. To address the problems that affect our cognitive security, we have created a collaborative platform bringing data scientists, social scientists, cognitive scientists, psychologists, security experts, and others to learn, share, and develop new concepts, ideas, and principles.


Outcomes of the working group will include a repository of resources, policy briefs laying out the research agenda, and viable paths to advance our security apparatus to spark innovation among researchers. Through the Social Cybersecurity Working Group, we build an interdisciplinary community to advance the understanding and the current state of research in the social cybersecurity domain.



Dr. Nitin Agarwal, University of Arkansas,

Dr. Kathleen Carley, Carnegie-Mellson University,

Participants: 120+ members and growing

Our Initiatives

Launched by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2015 we engage communities, share resources, and build partnerships that harness the data revolution to address societal and scientific challenges.

Metro/Urban Data Science

Precision Medicine

Natural Resources & Hazards 

Big Data Technology

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Digital Agriculture

Smart, Connected, and Resilient Communities

Water Quality

Big Data in Health

Health and Disparities

Smart Cities and Communities

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Environment and Coastal Hazards

Social Cybersecurity


Education + Data Literacy

Urban to Rural Communities

Responsible Data Science: Security + Privacy Ethics

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